Cheshire Walking Football League

The league was developed by the Cheshire Walking Football Steering Group to provide a regular platform for teams across Cheshire and its adjacent counties to come together and compete in a Walking Football League structure. A key objective is providing the opportunity to socialise, have fun and meet new people with a similar interest.

The group was formed in August 2015 following the increased demand of local walking football groups seeking consistency within the rules of walking football and also a regular opportunity to play locally against others. The group is made up of players and facilitators of walking football across Cheshire.

League Structure
The League is run in seasons, with each season consisting of 4 monthly fixture dates. All fixture dates will take place on the new 3G facility at the Cheshire FA Headquarters, Moss lane, Northwich, CW8 4BG on one Thursday afternoon each month. In between each season there will a month’s break which provides the opportunity for new teams to enter and existing teams to take a break if they do not wish to continue into the next season.

Points are totalled across each fixture date to provide an end of season league table or tables if there is more than one division. The number of teams entered determine the structure of the league for each season.

For each fixture, teams will gain points based on their result (3 points win, 1 point draw, 0 points loss ). The team with the most points after a 4 month season will be crowned champions.

Stalybridge Celtic Foundation

Vintage Celtic, winners of the Cheshire Walking Football League Championship Division Spring 2017.
Standing Left To Right: Bill Murney, Keith Whitmore, Keith Burrows, Dave Hardy, Stuart Greaves, Derek Drabble.
Kneeling Left To Right: Barry Whitmore, Mike Kieran