Vintage Celtic were formed in late 2014 from a group of people who originally trained together at walking football in Hadfield. The majority of the group decided they wanted to play in competitive walking football tournaments and leagues and felt that they needed the backing of a local non-league club.

Stalybridge Celtic FC answered that call and the relationship has grown from that day. Although financially independent, Vintage Celtic prosper from the relationship with kit provision and all the other accessories needed supplied by the parent club.

The club have a committee of six, headed by Mike Smith, Community Development Officer for Stalybridge Celtic. Marcia Breeze, Brian Coll, Derek Drabble, Keith Fowler.Stuart Greaves and Bill Murney are the other five members.

In the first complete year Vintage Celtic had some very successful days, notably winning two tournaments on one weekend in July 2015. In May 2016, the Algarve International Walking Football Cup was added to the honours list.

In May 2017 Vintage Celtic won both the Cheshire Walking Football Championship Division Spring League and the Greater Manchester Over 60’s Walking Football Spring League. Two trophies in six days, not quite as good as two trophies in one weekend in 2015 but still highly commendable.

June 2017 saw another trophy in the cabinet when Vintage Celtic won the Life Leisure Stockport Walking Football Tournament. This made it a good year so far with three trophies in five weeks.

In November 2017 the Greater Manchester Walking Football League Over 65’s Cup Tournament saw another honour gained with the Plate Trophy.

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