Asda Green Token Scheme

We are thrilled to have been chosen for the ‘Green Token Giving’ scheme at Asda in Hyde. The scheme will see the Stalybridge Celtic Foundation be one of three charities to be given the opportunity to collect as many tokens in the next three months.

Tokens are given out at the Tills in Asda Hyde, for customers to donate to the charity they wish to support.
The charity with the most tokens after three months will receive £500.00 with the other two receiving £200.00 each, courtesy of Asda.
Our thanks go to Paul Moody, Community Engagement Manager, and our very own Walking Footballer, Marcia Breeze, for making this happen for us.
Pictured at the Store in Hyde are –
L to R – Sam Jackson (Disability Player), Paul Moody (Asda), Marcia Breeze (Asda and Vintage Celtic), Brian Coll (Trustee), Gavin Dunham (Disability Player) and Mike Smith (Community Development Officer).
So if you are in and around Hyde, pop in and get some token’s, make sure they go in our slot though!
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