As all our Community Activities are cancelled with immediate effect and people are currently self-isolating at home, our Stalybridge Celtic FC Physio, David Pover, has drawn up some exercises to keep you fit whilst you’re at home.

Give it a try!

Circuit training is a fantastic way to rapidly increase your fitness and condition your muscles to become stronger, both at the same time. This means you can work on your endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness all in a single workout.

Circuits alternate exercises between your upper and lower body with NO rest, so that when one group of muscles gets tired you switch to using another. This means you can work at a greater intensity for longer. Because of this, the most important muscle in your body – your heart – is never let off the hook for a moment.

It is no good expecting the circuit to do the work for you. A good rule of thumb to remember is you should always be working at 70-85% of your maximum effort during the circuit. This will keep your heart rate in the correct zone to improve your fitness.

How to do this circuit:

This circuit can be done in the house or home, using only a chair, bench or step, so there is no excuse not to fit in a workout. It will work all the muscles you will use in football training (and beyond) and will increase your cardiovascular fitness. Your workout should last at least 30 minutes in total. Do the following exercises in order, taking as LITTLE rest in between as possible.

Do as many reps as you can within the repitition range, but however many you complete, DO NOT stop halfway through, you must keep your heart rate up. Once you have completed the circuit, rest for two or three minutes then repeat again for up to four circuits.

Exercise 1
Press-up (Reps 12 – 20)
Body straight
Arms shoulder width apart
Core braced
Lower chest towards ground
Press back to start position and repeat

Exercise 2
Sit-up with arms across chest (Reps 12 – 20)
Lie on back with knees bent
Feet flat or hooked under an obstacle
Hands across chest
Tummy button pulled in towards spine
Lift torso looking straight ahead
Lower and repeat

Exercise 3
One Legged Squat (Reps 10 – 12 each side)
Feet together
Lift right foot and bend knee behind body
Arms out for balance
Bend left knee keeping heel down
Push back up and repeat 10 – 12 times
Change legs and start again

Exercise 4
Triceps Dip (Reps 12 – 15)
Palms on low chair or bench
Extend legs in front (legs bent and feet flat on floor will prevent stress on knees)
Bend elbows to lower the body
Keep back close to chair or bench
Stop when backside is close to ground
Push back up and repeat

Exercise 5
Dorsal Raise (Reps 12 – 15)
Lie on front
Fingertips touching side of head
Lift shoulders off floor
Keep hips and feet on the ground
Hold for one second and repeat

Exercise 6
Step-up with knee raise (Reps 15 each side)
Step left foot onto chair, bench or stair
Lift right knee towards chest
Lower right leg to ground
Step off chair, bench or stair
Repeat with opposite leg

Exercise 7
Box Lift (Reps 12 – 20)
Pack a box with moderate weight
Place by feet
Bend knees and grip box
Lift box using legs to straighten up
Extend arms and place box on table
Pick up again and replace box on ground
Ensure you lower by bending legs. Repeat

Exercise 8
Twist Sit-up (Reps 12 – 15)
Lie on back with knees bent
Feet flat or hooked under an obstacle
Arms across chest or by side of head
Tummy button pulled in towards spine
Lift torso twisting to one side
Lower and repeat to other side
Continue alternating sides

Exercise 9
Walking Lunge (Reps 12 – 20)
Feet shoulder width apart
Step forward with left foot
Lower torso to ground bending both knees
Stop when right knee almost touches ground
Raise by pushing through legs
Step right foot forward. Repeat

To progress this session, instead of doing reps perform each exercise for 1 minute 30 seconds

REMEMBER – Before attempting this circuit you MUST warm-up

David Pover
Club Physio
Stalybridge Celtic FC

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